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Foto: Andreas Lundberg. Montage: Windh&co
Foto: Andreas Lundberg. Montage: Windh&co


Spring 2023: An explosive and suggestive performance.

With poetry, song and battles, the twins Jamila and Amina will break norms and taboos. A housewife and a woman who make a career should be considered equally strong and important – but who does the right thing according to society? Maybe both? Perhaps no one. On stage, they represent yin and yang – two primordial forces that both balance and fight against each other. Two souls in one body, and two bodies with one mind.

Through Visual Vernacular, a visual storytelling that uses gestures and facial expressions, the performance becomes accessible to everyone. Power leaves the audience — deaf as well as hearing — with many thoughts and reflections.

Jamila and Amina Ouahid are world famous in the deaf community for their special and strong expressions. The script is written by Maja Lidbrink who previously wrote ”Home”, a play about deaf refugees during the refugee crisis in 2015. ”Home” toured with the Riksteatern in 2019 and Amina was one of the actors in that set. Directed by Power, Mindy Drapsa, artistic director at Riksteatern Crea, who also directed ”Home”.

Played in international sign with newly written music and visual scenographic solutions that enhance the narrative so that even non-signers can understand and enjoy the performance.

On tour spring 2023.

Jamila Ouahid
Amina Ouahid

Manus — Maja Lidbrink
Direction — Mindy Drapsa
Scenography — Lotta Nilsson
Costume — Tanja Honkanen
Lighting — Jenny Larsson
Music — David Gülich