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Technology takes performing arts to new heights

The show Three Rooms does something never before done on a theater stage - it is performed in three countries simultaneously. With one physical actor on each stage, three actors met in front of three different audiences in Trondheim, Sundsvall and Jakobstad for one week in September 2023 - simultaneously. 

The aim of the project and production Three Rooms is to explore digital formats and artistic possibilities with new technologies as well as to create interactivity and presence at a distance.

In Three Rooms, for the first time, actors were linked together across time zones and national borders to perform with each other. Actors from Sweden, Norway and Finland act in the same play despite being on stages in different countries. One main character is physically present on a stage in each country, while the other two actors playing remotely from other stages are projected onto the stage through transparent veils. This is all thanks to communication technology with minimal audio and visual delays.

Three Rooms uses media routers/Nimbras that communicate over the fiber network via their own wavelengths, separate from those used by the Internet. Sound and image signals are sent uncompressed between cameras and projectors, thus minimizing the delay in communication. All components are selected to provide both high image quality and minimal latency.

The three characters appear on the three stages via cameras and projectors, creating great dramaturgical possibilities. The characters can go in and out of the other two scenes remotely by leaving their camera position. This makes it possible to be visible to the audience on one stage without being seen on the other two stages.

National Swedish, Finnish-Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish were spoken in the performance. The performance was subtitled in Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian in a mobile app.

Audience contact
There are also opportunities to connect audiences in different venues by sound and image. 

Artistic team 

Idea and artistic coordination: Andreas Brännlund  

Script: Filip Alexanderson 
Director: Filip Alexanderson 

Stage design: Marika Feinsilber 
Costume design: Frida Hultcrantz 
Makeup: Linda Sandberg 
Sound design: Anton Söderberg 
Dramaturge: Alexander Charlamov 
Research och ideas: Andreas Westerberg  

Producer: Ann-Cathrine Fröjdö

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Contact information

If you would like to know more about the project, technology and production, please contact: 

Ann-Cathrine Fröjdö
E-mail: ann-cathrine.frojdo@riksteatern.se
Mobile: +46706375976

I you want to know more about the technology please contact

Mårten Fröjdö, Project management, prestudy & projects
E-mail: marten@ncdp.eu
+358 45 73700701
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